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The Answers You Need To Be Well Prepared



-For a diverse gallery of images bring a variety of different outfits: casual, dressy, trendy, sporty.
-Select colors you like and enhance your eyes, hair, and skin tone. If you feel good, you'll look amazing!
-Solid colors work best, the focus will be on you rather than your outfit. Make sure your selections match your personality and are something you are comfortable in. Colors that "POP" photograph well.
-If you prefer a softer look stick to neutrals, or pastel colors.
-Add layers! Especially in colder months, adding layers to your outfits looks great in portraits. A sweater paired with a vest, a statement necklace or cute scarf adds dimension and variety for more fun poses. In warmer months you can pair a tank top with a light cardigan, or throw a denim vest over a dress. 
-Don't be afraid to accessorize. Necklaces, bracelets, statement pieces, scarves, hats, can all add interest and compliment your outfits.
-For a sports look bring your equipment, awards, uniform, or keep it simple with just your team jacket. 
-If you've scheduled the regular session I recommend packing 3-4 outfits, including shoes, appropriate bras (don't want straps showing on your photos) and undies, jewelry and accessories. When you arrive we can decide what works best in each location and background.
-Group your clothing on hangers. All your clothes need to be pressed and ironed. If not, the wrinkles will definitely show in your final images.


-Besides a casual, sporty or trendy outfit, if you want a classy look bring a suit and tie or a sports jacket and khakis. Don't forget the dressy shoes and to go with it.

-Matching socks are a must. If you are wearing slacks be sure to match your socks. Black with black, brown with brown, unless you have a fun pair you want to wear as part of your individual style

-Guys can also accessorize. You can wear a watch, a leather bracelet, or both. It gives your outfit a bit more personality.

-Solid colors look best, especially for close up shots. Avoid t-shirts or clothing with big logos or graphics.

-Dress in layers. Layers and different textures add interest to your photos. Add layers by wearing a neutral color t-shirt under a button down. Plaid shirts look best if worn as a layer under a sweater, jacket or vest. You can put on a jacket or simply carry it. A flannel shirt tied around the waist or worn open over a t-shirt looks great too.

-Proper fit. If you are wearing a button down shirt that is untucked be sure to choose a slim-fit style even if you are a bigger guy. Boxy shirts tend to make you look wider even in places you don't want to add width.

-For a sports look bring your equipment, awards, uniform, or keep it simple with just your team or letter jacket.

-A clean shave before your session is highly recommended. Unless you want it, the 5'o clock shadow is hard to remove and edit from your images.

-If you want to get a haircut, try and schedule it 2 weeks before your session. That gives it time to grow to that perfect length and your skin around the hairline to tan.

-Group your clothing on hangers. Pressed and freshly ironed shirts and other items should be wrinkle free and ready to go. Wrinkles will definitely show and can ruin the look of your images.

-Your hands are often in the frame so make sure your nails are trimmed and clean. 


-When you're investing in a portrait session I highly recommend having your hair and make up professionally done. A professional make up artist knows how to apply makeup for the camera and enhance your natural beauty. It will also take away the stress and give you confidence in your look and overall outcome of your images. A fresh blow out and professional makeup application goes A LONG WAY when being photographed! You will look and feel your best and this is definitely a time to treat yourself!

If you'd rather do your own hair and makeup here are a few tips to be camera ready:

-Hair should be styled so your eyes are visible to the camera. 

-Avoid glittery, shiny or shimmery makeup. It does not photograph well and cannot be edited.

-Foundation will help cover any blemishes. Make sure it matches your skin evenly and blends in with your neck.

-Translucent powder helps reduce sheen.

-Mascara and eyeliner highlight, enhance, and frame your eyes. Avoid clumpy eyelashes though. 

-Eyeshadows add depth. Neutral color tones look best.

-If you want to accentuate your lips, you can add a little pop of color!


-Natural nails look best for portraits, just make sure they're neatly trimmed, filed, buffed and clean. Chipped nails will show and are very hard to edit. A lot of poses will show your hands in the frame so don't neglect your nails.
-If you want painted nails I recommend a French manicure, or light and neutral colors that will work best with all your outfits.
-If you're wearing sandals or going barefoot for any photos don't forget your toes.


-Keep it natural. Spray tans can make skin appear orange. My best advice: skip the spray tan altogether.
-Regular tanning is fine as long as you tan evenly, since tan lines will show. Off the shoulder tops for girls or spaghetti straps should be avoided if tan lines are an issue. Try to avoid the sun a few days before your session so your face isn't red. This is very hard to edit and will appear shiny in pictures.


-Don't be concerned about any minor breakouts, I retouch your photos, so you're covered!


Moisturize your face, elbows, and knees.


-Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to ensure we get started on time and get the most of your photo session!
-Friends and/or parents are more than welcome to stay and are often of help to me.


-No need to worry about cloudy days. The ideal lighting conditions to photograph in is on cloudy days because it evens out the light. If it's raining we will need to reschedule.


-If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out and call me. If you need advice choosing outfits feel free to text me pictures and we can pick out together what might look best. Be comfortable with your wardrobe choices, and most importantly BE YOURSELF, RELAX, AND HAVE FUN!


On the Photographic Menu


Will wore a navy blazer over a white button down shirt and chinos for a clean and classic look. A blazer is a great way to step a casual outfit up a notch. Wear a smart casual outfit like this, or if you prefer wear a suit and tie for a more formal look. Plain white tee with jeans? Add a blazer, and suddenly you look pretty sharp. Don't forget to bring a belt and a nice pair of shoes, and socks that match.


Ethan chose colors that complimented his eyes by layering a solid blue sweater over a button down plaid shirt and khakis for another smart casual look.


Urban street style is always a great modern look for senior portraits. If you're looking for an edgy look, stick with dark muted tones and tailored outfits. Jake layered a plaid shirt under a dark green sweater with a lighter colored army green jacket. With one outfit we can take a variety of shots by removing and adding pieces of clothing and playing with different poses. His favorite store to shop is Banana Republic! Get inspired by looking through their website for outfit choices and cool looks. www.bananarepublic.com


Denim is always a casual classic. Ashlyn accessorized her outfit by adding complimentary colors with a fun scarf and hat. Layering a denim jacket over a neutral sweater and accesorizing with a scarf and hat is another way to add variety to your images.


Keep it classic with soft and neutral tones. Throw on a pair of boots for a timeless and casual fall outfit.


A casual feminine look with soft and neutral tones and lace paired with a flowy fabric. Wether it's a lace top, shorts or dress, you can never go wrong. Maddy played her dress up and accesorized with a sun hat for a downhome style and that all American girl next door look.


Want to look clean cut ad polished? Keep your outfits relatively classic and simple. Opt for shirts with collars such as a long or short sleeve button downs, or polos. Incorporate khaki pants or shorts and pair it with a nice pair of shoes. Avoid flip flops unless you're photo session is at the beach.


Want to showcase your formal dress from Homecoming or Senior Prom? Have a beautiful gown in your closet? Meredith looked stunning in her long flowy sheer gown layered with an off shoulder wrap and accessorized with jewelry. Keep in mind, the more elaborate your dress is, the less accessories you will need, and vice versa goes for a simple dress. Meredith loves shopping online for dresses and clothing at Lulus.com


Pastel colors and light and airy fabrics are a playful and feminine style. Soft hues are a classic spring and summer staple.


Another example of pastels with soft patterns, and light and airy fabrics. If you're wearing a floral print top, anchor it with a solid colored skirt, shorts, or pants. If you're bottoms are floral or patterned anchor your top with a solid color. For a soft look keep prints small and light. Play up your outfit with jewelry.


Have you participated in a sport in high school that you want to memorialize in your senior portraits. Cheston decided to bring along his high school team jacket to get a few shots with it during his session.


Individual styles that speak to your independent personality.



Preparing for your photo session includes knowing ahead of time how you want your hair, makeup and nails to look. You can do it yourself or set up an appointment with a professional artist at Salon Enso. Ask for their Senior Hair & Makeup Package or for more information visit their website at www.salonenso.net